KWebWatch News

November 30, 2004

KWebWatch 0.9.8 released.

This is a port of KWebWatch to KDE3, thanks to Alfonso Gazo!

Also in this release:

- Drag and drop urls from browser
- Improved stability
- Compiles with gcc3

January 11, 2002

KWebWatch 0.9.6 released.

This is a small bugfix release. Urls will no longer be marked as visited when they are checked. The bugfix will prevent urls from incorrectly transitioning from CHANGED to UNCHANGED before they have been viewed or visited.

December 14, 2001

KWebWatch 0.9.5 released.

This is a major upgrade over the previous release. Changes include:

- Wizard for Url, Url Group creation
- Status Bar
- Automatic generation of local file prefixes
- Support for http proxy servers
- What's this help
- Html help file
- Man page
- Reduced lag time after polling
- Fix lost file prefix when renaming bug
- Make differencing viewer configurable
- Complete icon set for HiColor displays
- Save changes immediately when they are made
- Allow only one instance to run at a time

You can use KWebWatch to monitor this page so as to be notified of future developments. Note: KWebWatch uses a pattern exclusion based model to do differencing, which gives it the potential to be very accurate on even the most dynamic web sites. The catch is that configuring exclusions for such sites will require some effort.

The good news is that a small community of users should be able to help each other by sharing ignore.list files. The SouceForge Forums seem like a good place for this.

As always, send me your bug reports/patches/feature requests. Unfortunately I sometimes run short on time or energy, so I can't promise when I'll get to requests. However, I will give top url.list contributers priority when deciding which requests to address first :-)

Some potential features for future versions:

- View local copy in browser with changes highlighted.
- Email new or highlighed copy or url to a specified address.
- Reuse netscape browser window when viewing urls (configurable).

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